Vortex Magnetics

Magnetic vortex

The vortex is a highly magnetic exchange of energy that conventional science does not recognise as magnetic in most instances.

We can state with 99.99999% certainty that virtually every molecule within the earth’s system has been through at least one vortex, if not hundreds, thousands, or millions of vortices. Every moment of every day we are surrounded by vortices, most of which we cannot see. Vortices occur at the quantum level all the way up to the galactic level. Without vortices, the Universe could not exist as we know it. Vortices are one of the primary Universal mechanisms for moving, transforming, transmuting, and redistributing energy.

How it works –

As the power of attract is initiated at the quantum level, a vortexual energy signal is emitted, like a beacon into the substrata of space. The signal usually has a specific identifiable polarity, or set of characteristics that only cause similar energy structures to respond. The Universe is brilliant in this manner because if infinite uniqueness did not exist throughout the subatomic world, we would live in a Universe of total chaos. The fact that similar fields of energy are attracted to one another is a fundamental pillar of an orderly Universe. As a signal is being emitted from an energy source, it reaches out in a vortexual pattern, and it attracts similar energy in the same pattern. Most vortices begin in a dimension or vibration that is beyond our typical awareness and conventional equipment. We might call this place a sub-quantum Universe.

In this sub-quantum Universe, we see the foundational energy and patterns for what we call existence. In this place, time and space do not exist as we perceive them in our world. Fields upon fields of energy intermingle and overlap across countless light years in an incomprehensible matrix. Energy jumps incredible distances instantaneously in this realm, all guided by the principle of attract – attract. Vortices upon vortices facilitate a large part of the energy exchange here.

Example –

For the sake of simplicity, we will use an example with space and time references just so the vortex process will be easier to explain, but keep in mind that this process occurs beyond the boundaries of speed and distance. Imagine an attract field is initiated in our solar system by a free energy device. The polarity generated by the device is unique to the entire region of our galaxy, but on the other side of our galaxy – 100,000 light years away – there exists the identical energy polarity. As the free energy device generates it’s unique signal with it’s unique configuration of elements, armature speed, and magnetic pulse rate, it creates an energy vortex that sends a signal throughout the sub-quantum strata. The identical energy units across the galaxy instantly begin responding. First, they begin to move closer together in the direction of the attract pull. As the units of energy come together they begin to swirl. As the group continues to grow, the swirl tightens and the energy units closer to the center begin to move faster.

Then something mind blowing begins to happen. The swirling energy units begin to form a vortex in the direction of the attract source. The speed of the vortex increases and the energy field tightens. When the vortex reaches a critical velocity, it is emanating the polarity of the energy that initiated the attract field – the free energy unit way back in our solar system. But the problem is that our swirling group of highly specific energy units needs to cross our entire galaxy to meet up with the free energy device, and this small group of highly polarised particles doesn’t have nearly enough energy by itself to make such a grand journey. With critical mass and velocity being achieved, a new field is created down the center of the vortex – a neutral field! This neutral field is backed by an unlimited amount of energy. The void created down the center of the vortex attracts immense amounts of neutral energy that pours through the vortex.

On our side of the galaxy, way back at our free energy device, a polarised vortex with a neutral field rushing through the center of it continues to spin away. To our knowledge, there is no limit of neutral energy within the sub-quantum Universe. As the neutral energy pours through both vortexes, it has way more than enough power to traverse any distance – especially where space and time don’t exist. The neutral energy stream provides the path for the polarised particles swirling around it to connect with each other. The polarised energy units ride the neutral magnetic highway instantaneously to their destination. It is the combination of a polarised vortex and a neutral energy center that allows for the transportation of energy throughout the Universe.

You may be wondering how the energy on the other side of the galaxy ever received the signal from our free energy device in the first place. How did the free energy device generate enough power to send a signal 100,000 light years instantaneously causing a vortex of similar polarity to begin forming? Or stated another way, how was the signal from our free energy device attracted to the similar energy units on the other side of the galaxy without the power of the vortex sending the signal? The answer lies in the sub-quantum dimension where time and space do not exist. Both actions, our signal and the answer of incoming energy, took place simultaneously.

Everything we do in this dimension triggers a response from the sub-quantum dimension; a response that occurs outside of space and time.

The causal relationship is reciprocal; both things happen at once. Both events cause each other simultaneously.

Our entire existence is predicated on this Universal mechanism.

What we interpret as causal relationships in our world is merely illusion.


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