Vortex Units

“Everything in the Universe spins”

Water vortex unit Water vortex deviceLiquid vortex unit

The vortex is natures organisational and energising tool. At the center of a vortex is a singularity that connects all things with an infinite potential.

We are ready to explore this further and are developing stunning units available for raising the vibration of water, oils and your favorite liquid.

We have built 4 vortex devices so far –

Two of the Devices are 6 foot freestanding sculptures (one enclosed with a light through the vortex chamber and the other is an ‘infinity’ design that can overflow at the top).

The 3rd Device is 111cm tall and has been designed specially for drinking water. The vortex creates a beautiful double helix structure and there is a larger chamber at the bottom with a tap. This device also has two sets of hexagonally arranged gold plated rare earth magnets placed at specific points around the vortex and uses a magnetic pump. This water glows and it tastes and feels amazing as it’s highly structured and creates a coherent geometry, vibration and resonance.

The 4th Device is 99cm tall and has been designed and built to mix different liquids through the implosive dynamic structure of the vortex and again bring them into a very coherent vibration and resonance. This Unit snap locks together in the center with hexagonal arranged magnets embedded into the Unit around the vortex so it easily pulls apart for cleaning. There is an option to spin magnets around the vortex hole at 1500RPM. We may use this to assist in producing Ormus, Ormus Oil and Liquid Crystal as well as raising the vibration of other liquids.
I call this Unit the Alchemist.

All of these Units have a magical presence and create an amazing coherent toroidal field. They are mesmerising to observe, very educational and feel amazing to be near.

It’s early days and we feel the Devices have 4 main areas of use –

* Sculptures and Architecture
* Cleaning and structuring water in pools and dams (so no chemicals or filters are needed anymore due to the vibration)
* Structured drinking Water (houses, spas ect)
* Liquid Crystal Vortex Units (producing precipitate and minerals with spinning magnets in specific geometrical arrays which may support our immune system).

We appreciate the Vortex as natures structuring, organising and self sustaining blueprint. Its implosive, neg en-tropic and infinite potential is my passion and focus. It’s such a joy and a gift to play, learn and connect with awareness and understanding through these Units.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Please contact us for more information.

Much love and gratitude

Sacred Wai
Vortex Units
Time I Space I Nature

The spin, dance, pulse and breath of life.

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Vortex Water

Structured Water

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