Vortex Water

The importance of vortices


One of the most important elements for the creation of full-spectrum, living water is movement. Water loves to move (to dance); when water is allowed her freedom, she naturally spins. Water uses movement (vortices) to gather and to organise energy.

The spin of a vortex produces powerful forces. Vortices cause molecules to become so organised that they are tightly compressed. They help to create a greater degree of molecular structure in water causing molecules to organise into their most energy efficient geometry—that of a liquid crystal. In this form, water is capable of storing energy and information. As water continues to spin, it gathers energy.
A meandering river is a good example of vortices in action. As water courses down a riverbed, the central channel becomes a huge horizontal vortex interacting with numerous smaller vortices within it. This is the way a river stays balanced and energised—gathering and dispensing energy throughout the journey.

vortex 23

Viktor Schauberger, one of the 20th century’s greatest champions of nature, demonstrated that a vortex is capable of gathering energy. He built a water-powered generator he called a “centripulser.” Water was spread out from a central hub through spiral pipes that created a double spiral. In Schauberger’s centripulser, the force of the water leaving the generator was so strong it penetrated both concrete and steel. One observer recalled the following after witnessing the power of the generator:

“The machine produced an almost inaudible sound and then a “pftt” in the same instant and the water pierced right through a 4 cm  thick concrete slab and a 4 mm. thick super-hardened steel plate with such force that the water particles, invisible to the eye due to their high velocity, penetrated right through all clothing and were experienced as lightning needle-pricks on the skin”.

Vortices have the capacity to energise and to structure their contents. Understanding and using the power of the vortex can significantly enhance the quality of your water.


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