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2019 Tours

Through 2019 & 2020 we will be visiting these resonant spaces and are extending the invitation to you.

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Sacred Wai

Sri Yantra & 64 tetrahedron grid relationship

When I spin & twist the Sri Yantra 45deg in my minds eye it turns into the 64 tetrahedron grid.

Is the Sri Yantra showing us the vortexual movement of spacetime & creation in a scalable map?

The spin & twist dynamics/ codes required for Yantric access to our singularity of infinite expression?

Infinite energy?
Dimensional travel?
Eternal life?

Can we phi spiral the 64 tetrahedron grid and produce the Sri Yantra?

When a vortex is simulated using the movement mapped by the Sri Yantra could it produce a desk top Sun?

Does anyone have any software that could simulate or animate this?

Water vortex & spin

The ‘God particle’ is not just a particle and a wave but it is a toroidal field, a pulsing dual vortex that is in contact and communication with everything in the Universe.

This explains creation, connectivity, expression, duality, paradox’s and the perceived dichotomies of a reality through classic mechanics in modern physics. It also illustrates the unified field theory across all scales in the cosmos from the sub atomic to the galactic. Every torus has a black whole in the centre, which connects too, and is the source of, every other black whole or toroidal field.

This creates, sustains and literally connects all of life.

It is also your true nature, or true self.

Eternal & infinite

All that we can no longer see still exists in the centre of every toroidal field where space is timeless and infinite expression is present now.

All of this is inside your heart, right here, right now.

Separation is only an idea that manifests once we interpret our senses with an identification to form.

‘What sees out of my eyes, sees out of your eyes and every other eye.
Actually you are the all seeing eye.
You are the seer’.