After spending the last 7 years studying cosmology, physics, biology, ancient civilisations, religion, sacred geometry, free energy, magnetism, Space, the Sun and Water we were guided to the Pyramids in Mexico, Machu Pitchu in Peru, Uluru in Australia, Mt Shasta in the U.S, the Pyramids in Egypt and Jerusalem and the Dead Sea in Israel. During our walking, sitting and being in nature some revelations and realisations have been re-discovered.

I believe we are a culmination of natures most beautiful and advanced creative expression. We are made up of trillions of multi and inter-dimensional vortex’s pulsing faster than the speed of light in perfect harmony and resonance so that we can experience the eternal Now expression that is Us.

We are life, We are Grace and We are Love in the grandest expression the Universe can manifest or produce. We are the Sun, the Water, the Space and the timeless alchemy of all that IS. All flows through Us and exists for Us and because of Us. We are Freedom, Peace and Love manifested.

The Sacred Wai is being manifested from a state of Being and Connection as we allow the Energy to unfold with You/Us.

We wish to share our re-connection to Life and the Truth with You in a nurturing and nourishing environment. We are creations of Love, and Love and Gratitude will take us home. We believe our self realisation and re-connection to Oneness is our Destiny.

“Our hearts are one. Beyond these illusions, beyond this pain and suffering, we exist in a glorious symphony of oneness. See the physical world for what it is, an illusion to use for self realisation. Your power is permanent, nothing can or ever has taken it away. If you feel powerless, you are seeing the illusion as real – it is not real – it is just a tool. All fear and all its children are temporary, but even fear serves an important purpose – it shows you what you want to let go of. You are love. You are free, you always have been. You and I are freedom manifested. Simply accept our Oneness now and always.”

Thanks for taking this moment to visit our site. We hope to meet with you soon and we would be honored to share some Ormus together and a Sun Gaze or a swim in the Ocean when the Universe says its time…

Infinite Eternal Awareness

We love You.

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Margi and David

Sungazing at home

What Does Wai mean?

Wai is derived from an ancient sanskrit word that means ‘wellbeing’.

To many indiginous cultures the word Wai is sacred and means Water.

Some asian cultures use the Wai as a greeting with a deep spiritual meaning like “namaste” and this is offered as a genuine sign of respect and recognition for another Being.

Wai stands for Water And Infinity.

Wai is also the name of a timeless inter-dimensional elixir that supplies everything required nutritionally for our physical Beings to thrive and align with the higher dimensional frequency.

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Do you know who you are? Do you know that the Sun shines because you are here to sense this phenomenon. Do you know love and fear are felt through you and because of you. Do you know you are the source of both, and all that ever has been and will ever be.
Do you know change cannot exist without something unchanging to allow and witness it. We are both this change and the unchanging.
Everything is you and you are the All.
There is no other.. You are the answer. You are already that which you have always wanted.

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