We believe salt Water, Sun light and Space holds the key to our physical and multidimensional wellbeing. 55% of our blood is saline (salt water) and the planets blood is also predominantly salt water. If you are so dehydrated, fatigued or run down that you end up in hospital the first thing they will do is put saline (salt water) straight into your blood and 98% of the time you will recover within 24hours. Salt water from the ocean contains the full spectrum of minerals that our bodies require to function. Its all there ready and waiting for free. Sun charged, crystal infused, mineral rich, full spectrum colour and light, Universal sounds from the Cosmos, whales and dolphins, vortexed and charged ready for You.


We have a dream to release this knowing again. Gathering the highest vibrational salt water and spring water from the Daintree, Great Barrier Reef, Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay in Australia and giving you access to consuming this high vibrational, structured liquid crystal ORMUS into your Being. Consuming 5-20ml of ORMUS Gold, with natural spring water and Sun gazing each day will change your life.


‘Water is a living Being. Everything living, all matter is born from Water. Water is the blood of Earth. You are 70% Water. Your brain is 90% Water. Everything requires Water to survive – even fire. Water has memory and reacts to intention. If you raise the frequency of Water it affects your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings manifest your reality. Water is a communication medium. It has a liquid crystaline form which exibites the same geometrical structure as crystal. A lattice hexagonal array that when vortexed and magnetically charged presents a multidimensional/ interdimensional state of Being.

When we understand Water, we understand ourselves and the Universe.

Love Water – it loves you.’