Solar Dynamics Observatory – 5 year video


Outside of ourselves, and the Now moment, our relationship with the Sun maybe the most important relationship we can have. The Sun is the primary source of all Energy and Light within our local environment – everything else is secondary. All life and all food gathers its energy from the Sun. Ancient civalisations worshiped and loved the Sun often referring to it as God and the source of life itself.


We are intrinsically pulled towards the centre of the Sun through the very core of our Being . Imagine that – the centre of our Hearts, one way or another, are drawn towards the centre of the Sun. There is an invisible cord, whether you call it gravity or magnetism, that through the dynamics of the Universal structure runs from our singularity to the singularity of the Earth and from the singularity of the Earth to the singularity of the Sun.


When we are in Harmony, the centre of the Sun maybe our gateway to other Stars systems and Galaxies…

Nassim Haramein and the Sun Dynamic

Nassim Haramein Black Hole Sun

Our Solar System is a Vortex

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